Lesson Learned After One Week Launching My Business Quietly

May 23, 2021 7:11 PM - 3 min read

After one month of product development, I tried spending one week after launch my business quietly to work on sales and marketing. Although my self is a tech person but marketing and sales stuffs are not that strage to me. I have built some businesses since I was a freshman in university, so marketing and sales things are quite familiar with me (familiar but not an expert).

I had 3 digital businesses (startup) before, all ended up with failure.

I said earlier before "quietly", so I didn't launch it in public like on Twitter, IG, or Linkedin.

Building this business along with my friend, but I work on pretty much everything and I am used to do that even since my last three businesses.

I tried to meassure how long it takes to get my first customer using non-organic or organic traffic.

Organic Traffic

I relied only on SEO for this case. Because my site SEO is still not optimized yet so this way is no hope for me.

Let's skip this and I'll meassure it later.

Non-organic Traffic

Using Google Ads and Facebook Ads. I had limited budget for ads so I put $5 for FB Ads which run for 3 days and $10 for Google Ads, run for 4 days.

Basically my FB campaign objective was brand awareness so I would not expect to get any sales from Facebook.


  • 39K reaches (fb & ig)
  • 30K impressions
  • 73 clicks
  • 0.19 % CTR


  • 4K impressions
  • 140 clicks
  • 3.28% CTR

App Summary

  • 150+ new users visit
  • 3 users signed up
  • 1 user done email verification
  • 0 item created
  • 0 sale
  • Signup conversions 2%


  1. Facebook ads CTR is so low because it was a visual ad. Visual ads tends to have lower CTR than search ads. Visual ads needs to have creative display and good ad copy.
  2. With only 3 users signed up from 150+, my landing page copy is not clearly define what my business is about.
  3. Only one user has done email verification. I am wondering why users sign up and did nothing, are they too reluctant to do an email verification? 🤔

Update 23/05/2021. Customer interview.

I tried to offer this product to potential customer and asked them a feedback.

  1. Price is too high compared with some competitors.
  2. Lack of feature.

My thought

There are so many players in this field, it can be hundreads of similar business like this.

So the price tag is so widely variety starting from $4 to $100. I put my price at $25 but now I consider about lowering my price given my feature also still not rich like other competitors.

Would be great if you get any suggestion. Let me know at @burhannahm