The list of stuffs I have created or maintained that I can publish openly.

(Check my Github for more.)

Vue Modal 2

tags: Vue.js

A simple and lightweight Vue modal component.


tags: React.js, Chakra UI

Whatsy is a tool to send Whatsapp message without saving the number on your phone.

Vue daily schedule

tags: Vue.js, HTML, CSS

Vue daily scheduler is a custom Vue2 component to manage repeated schedule. It's a straightforward scheduler component you can use.

Dakwah Vids

tags: Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Youtube API

DakwahVids is a curated list of islamic videos from official dakwah account on YouTube.

Covid Monitor

tags: Vue.js, mathdroid API, Bing API

A web app for monitoring Covid-19 situation, updated daily as long as the API is still available.

Daapoor E-commerce

tags: Nuxt.js, Vue.js, Lumen, Express.js

Daapoor was my third startup focused on food ecommerce, unfortuantely we closed our services in Feb 2020, just before the pandemic.


tags: Nuxt.js, Vuetify, Tensorflow.js, Tensorflow Python, CNN

A web app to predict diabetes disease using machine learning.


tags: React Native

A GPA calculator app based on React Native. link shortener (moving to Tautan)

tags: Laravel, VueJS, MySQL

Kusiaga is a simple link shortener, it was built in 2017.